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force gauge - DN-FGA


High resolution,  simple measurement of tension/compression force, switch test, connector insertion/withdraw test, fracture test and push pull testing equipment





    · Indication of Measuring Unit: Kgf, N, lbf, ozf
    · A/D Transducer: 16-bit, 100 times/sec
    · D/A Transducer: 12-bit
    · Indication of Measuring Value: 5 Digit LCD (indicating forward/reverse direction)
    · Condition indicating LED: Indication of charge and compare output condition
    · Compare Output: High, Low, Good
    · Analog Output: DC +/-1V
    · Communication Output: USB
    · Range of using temperature: -10℃ to 40℃, 80% RH and below (in locations without due condensation phenomenon)
    · Weight: Approximately 600g
    · Electric Source: Nickel hydrogen (NimH), Chargeable Adapter (DC 9V)
    · Continuous Use Life: Approximately 40 hours
    · Charging Time: Approximately 8 hours
    · Option     OP-01: USB cable,  OP-02 :Analog out and open collector connector.




Model FGA-K2 FGA-K5 FGA-K20 FGA-K50 FGA-K100 FGA-K500 FGA-T1
Capacity 2.000kg 5.000kg 20.00kg 50.00kg 100.00kg 500.0kg 1000.0kg
Min load 0.001kg 0.001kg 0.01kg 0.01kg 0.05kg 0.1kg 0.5kg
Sensor conformation Sensor Inside Sensor Inside
Value error ±0.2%



FGA USB Driver

CP2102 usb to uart bridge controller

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