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Torque sensor on demand. - TRB-30KC


Customized torque sensor

Brush type

Option : RPM sensor






 크기변환_회전_TRB37-1A-30KC (연구원)-Model.jpg




Specifications Accuracy
Rated capacity(R.C) 30kgf-cm (2.942N-m)
Rated output(R.O) 1mV/V ± 1%
Nonlinearity 0.3% of R.O.
Hysteresis 0.3% of R.O.
Repeatability 0.2% of R.O.
Excitation recommended 10V
Terminal resistance input 350Ω ± 5Ω
Terminal resistance output 350Ω ± 5Ω
Insulation resistance bridge 200 ㏁
Safe overload 120% R.C.
Cable length φ7, 4core, 3m




★ Specifications are subiect to change without notice

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