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Rotary Torque sensors - TRC12-5K(CAS-5K)


  • Model TRC12-5K brushless type torque transducers are designed for high RPM application.
  • The brushless type allows a maintenance free and a maximum durability.
  • This model can be used for various tests including aircraft engine test which requires high RPM and high accuracy.


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    Specifications Accuracy
    Rated capacity(R.C)
    Rated output(R.O) 1.3mV/V±1%
    Nonlinearity ±0.5% R.O.
    Hysteresis ±0.5% R.O.
    Reperatability ±0.5% R.O.
    Excitation recommended 2 VAC
    Temperature operating 0 ~60℃
    Insulation resistance bridge 0.2% Load / 10℃
    Temperature effect, on rated output 0.3% R.O / 10℃
    Temperature effect, on zero balance 120% R.C
    Safe overload φ7.4 core cable 3m
    Cable length cable φ10, 4core shield 3m

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