Dacell is providing ultra-precision load cells and various weighting and measuring products,
which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 20 years of experiences in manufacturing
of weighing and measuring products and with own superior technologies.



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Specifications Accuracy
Application sensor Torque : Brush type torquemeter
RPM : Proximity sensor (MP981)
Sensor authorized voltage Torque : DC 5V
RPM : DC 12V
Zero adjustment range Torque : 100% F.S (Auto Zero)
Input signal Torque : 0.5 ~ 3mV/V
RPM : DC 12V
Display Torque : -19999 ~ +99999
RPM : 0 ~ 60000
Character height 7 segment LED 14mm
A/D converter Torque 24bit 1000 times/sec
D/A converter Torque 16bit
Zero variation Torque Within 0.5㎶/℃
Sensitivity Torque Within 0.01%/℃
Voltage output DC 0 ~ 10V (4~20mA : in accordance with customer request)
Contact capacity AC 250V 5A
Relay life time More than 5,000,000 times
Usage temperature range -10℃ ~ 60℃
Humidit Less than 80% RH (No dew condensation)
Power source used AC85 ~ 265V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 97 X 97 X 141mm
Cutting size 92.5 X 92.5mm
Weight About 1000g