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Digital weighing indicator - DN501A


 Platform, Truck Scale, Testing, Crane Scale application
  1.0 inch Red FND Display
  4 Section Multi-Calibration
  A/D Sampling : 80times/sec
  Peak / Sample / Average Hold Function
  Rs-232C Serial Interface built in(Standard) 1port
  Display Resolution : 1/30,000
  Part No. Memory, Max.99
  Serial Interface Max. 4pcs
  Current Loop 1port standard built in (Standard)
  Trans type Power Supply - AV110/220V (Dip S/W selectable)





Application DN500  Series Dimension and Panel Cutting Size



General Spectification

Input Sensitivity

0.45 / Digit

Load Cell Excitation

DC 10V ( - 5V ~ + 5V )

Max. Signal Input Voltage


Temperature Coefficient

[Zero] ±20PPM/ / [Span] ±20PPM/

Input Noise

±0.6 P.P

Input Impedance

Over 10

A/D Conversion Method


A/D Resolution(Internal)

260,000 Count(19bit)

A/D Sampling Rate

Max. 80times / Sec


0.01% FS

Display Resolution(External)



Display Part





Main Display

7Segments, 6 Digit RED FND Display

Size :25.4mm(H)×14.4mm(W)

Min. Division

×1, ×2, ×5, ×10, ×20, ×50

Max. display value


Under Zero value

"-" (Minus display)

Status lamp

Steady, Zero, Print, Gross, Auto, g, kg, ton, Tare, RTxD

Green color Condition display Lamp (10pcs)

K e y

Number, Function Key

Number Key, Function (12pcs)


- Option

Option No.1

0~10V (Analogue Output)

Option No.2

4~20mA (Analogue Output)

Option No.3

RS422/485(Serial interface)

Option No.4


Serial Interface (RS-232C) or Current Loop is Standard installed with 1 port.

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