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Compression & tension - CX,CX77


  • High Precision Accuracy Compression Service.
  • Hopper, Tank Weighing.
  • Protection Class IP67
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     CXH                 CXMCXG
    Rated capacity(R.C)1tf, 2tf, 3tf, 5tf, 10tf, 20tf100kgf, 200kgf, 500kgf, 1tf, 2tf, 3tf, 5tf, 10tf, 20tf, 30ft, 50ft, 100tf, 200tf, 300tf, 500tf
    Rated output(R.O)2.0mV/V±0.1%2.0mV/V±0.1(50tf~500tf : 1.5mV/V±0.1%)
    Nonlinearity0.02% of R.O.0.05% of R.O.0.1% of R.O.
    (200, 300, 500tf : 0.5% of R.O.)
    Hysteresis0.02% of R.O0.05% of R.O0.1% of R.O.
    (200, 300, 500tf : 0.5% of R.O.)
    Repeatability0.02% of R.O0.05% of R.O0.1% of R.O.
    Zero balance±1% of R.O.
    Temperature effect, on rated output0.03% of LOAD/10℃0.1% of LOAD/10℃
    Temperature effect, on zero balance0.03% of R.O./10℃0.1% of R.O./10℃
    Temperature range, compensated-10~60℃
    Temperature range, safe-20~80℃
    Terminal resistance input350±5Ω
    Terminal resistance output350±5Ω
    Insulation resistance bridge/case5000MΩ
    Excitation recommended10V
    Safe overload150% R.C.
    Cable lengthΦ7mm 4core,3m


    Dimensions Table

    CX CX77.png

    8810750118M12x1.25 DP15425925-243kg
    2tf (19.61KN)8815066118M24x2 DP305422060-424.5kg
    3tf (29.42KN)8815066118M24x2 DP305422060-424.5kg
    5tf (49.03KN)8815066118M24x2 DP305422060-424.5kg
    10tf (98.07KN)9312780129M12x1.75 DP202421514060385kg
    20tf (196.1KN)9314780129M12x1.75 DP202501514060385.5kg
    30tf (294.2KN)9314780129M12x1.75 DP202501514060385.5kg
    50tf (490.3KN)137165110170M12x1.75 DP2027520180805010kg
    100tf (980.7KN)166210140198M16x2 DP202100202001007028kg
    200tf (1.961MIN)216250180246M16x2 DP252120303001309545kg
    300tf (2.942MIN)216320180246M24x3 DP3521603060013012050kg
    500tf (4.903MIN)256400238283M30x3.5 DP5072002080020017065kg
    1000tf (9.807MN)295385270247M24x3 DP3551702580020022070kg
    CX77200tf (1.961MN)164220140194M20X2.5 DP30580206001009545kg
    300tf (2.942MIN)164250140194M24x3 DP35594206001009530kg
    500tf (4.903MIN)217270170247M24x3 DP3571252560013012055kg

    ★Specifications are subiect to change without notice.

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