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Digital gauge - Digital gauge1


The digital gauge allows machine control, data processing, and measuring by including it in the in-process or post-process inspection line.




Magnetic principle

Since the digital gauge is magnetic, its accuracy is unaffected by dew condensation and adhesion of coolants. The scale is made of metal, so it is highly resistant to oscillations and shocks.

Broad line-up

The DE series (0.1), DG series (1), and DT series (5/10) are available for the respective resolutions. They support various shapes (pencil-type, angle-type) and lengths (5㎜ to 200㎜).

A variety of external output

The exclusive counters (LT series, LY series) for digital gauges offer various outputs and are capable of measuring control. They can also support multiple axis measuring by using the interface unit.

Customer service

We welcome inquiries on specifications in addition to the standard models.



Display for Compact High-Precision Digital Gauging System DK Series.

  • Minimum display resolution : 0.1m
  • Zero point detection
  • Compact and lightweight : DIN standardsize(W72㎜×H72㎜)





Multi-Interface Unit
MG Series

The "MG" series is a modular gauging system that allows for flexible, multi-point measuring, with buit-in software for today's most popular output protocols. Because of its modular construction, the "MG" system can be easily mounted a standard DIN rail(35㎜), requires minimal wiring, and can be easily expanded for future upgrades.

  • Up to 64 connectable gauges
  • Input resolutions: 0.1m, 0.5m, 1m, 5m, and 10m.
  • Compatible with RS-232C, BCD
  • Operating voltage : 12-24VDC
  • DIN rail mounting(35㎜)





Measuring Unit
DK Series

The DK series is a slim, compact Digital Gauge Provides high resolution(0.1m), high accuracy(0.5m linear measurement for a variety of applications.

  • Measuring range : 2㎜ or 12㎜
  • Built-in reference point
  • Vacuum retract, spring push or pneumatic push
  • Robust design for harsh environments(IP66)
  • Flange mount available





Measuring unit (with interpolator)
DG-M/E Series

A measuring unit for in-process automatic inspection and automatic measuring. A digital gauge combined with an interpolator. A/B quadrature signal output with differential line driver.

  • All models of the DG series are available with an interpolator.
  • Two types of power supply voltage.
    M-type: DC 5 V5%, E-type: DC 10-30 V
  • Supports remote sensing function.





Measuring unit
DG Series

A compact and slim digital gauge for mechanical measurement enabling highly reliable, high-accuracy length measuring

A compact and slim digital gauge for mechanical measurement
Measuring range: 5.2㎜; high accuracy: 2
A flange type gauge of DG805BL.
A compact and slim digital gauge for mechanical measurement
Measuring range: 10㎜; high accuracy: 2
A flange type gauge of DG810B/BL
A highly environment-resistant digital gauge for mechanical measurement
High-accuracy: 2
A digital gauge for mechanical measurement
High-accuracy: 2
A highly environment-resistant digital gauge for mechanical measurement. Users can select from accuracy of 2/4/5/6 and measuring ranges of 50/100/155/205㎜.





Measuring unit
DE Series : DE 12BR/30BR

A high-accuracy digital gauge for sub-micron position detection and measuring

  • High-accuracy: 1; high-resolution: 0.1
  • Improved reliability achieved by zero-point detection function
  • Protective design grade: equivalent to IP64 with optional bellows.
  • Measuring range: 12㎜ (DE12BR)/30㎜ (DE30BR)