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Digital gauge - Digital gauge2


The digital gauge allows machine control, data processing, and measuring by including it in the in-process or post-process inspection line.




Magnetic principle

Since the digital gauge is magnetic, its accuracy is unaffected by dew condensation and adhesion of coolants. The scale is made of metal, so it is highly resistant to oscillations and shocks.

Broad line-up

The DE series (0.1), DG series (1), and DT series (5/10) are available for the respective resolutions. They support various shapes (pencil-type, angle-type) and lengths (5㎜ to 200㎜).

A variety of external output

The exclusive counters (LT series, LY series) for digital gauges offer various outputs and are capable of measuring control. They can also support multiple axis measuring by using the interface unit.

Customer service

We welcome inquiries on specifications in addition to the standard models.


Measuring unit
DL Series : DL 10BR/30BR/60BR

A highly environment-resistant digital gauge for mechanical measurement, which can be used in in-process measuring system configuration.

  • Improved reliability achieved by zero-point detection function
  • Dust-proof, drip-proof, oil-proof structure: IP 64 equivalent
  • Maximum response speed: 120 m/min
  • Easy mounting and maintenance thanks to stem mount design.
  • Measuring range: 0㎜ to 60㎜ (3 models)





Measuring unit
  • Measuring range: 32㎜
  • Pneumatic push type, which extrudes the spindle with air pressure, is also available (DT32NV/PV)
  • Accuracy : 10, resolution : 5
  • Compact size ideal for designing into machines12×35×218㎜
  • Excellent resistance to workshop conditions: IP 64 equivalent (DT32P/PV)
  • Connectable to the LT10 series, a display unit for measuring





Measuring unit
  • Accuracy : 10, resolution : 5
  • Compact size ideal for designing into machines12×33×114㎜ (D×W×L)
  • Excellent resistance to workshop conditions: IP 64 equivalent (DT12P)
  • Measuring range: 12㎜
Display unit for measuring
LT10 Series
  • Compact size: DIN standard (72㎜×72㎜)
  • GO/NO GO evaluation can be output on all models. Data can be output either for BCD or RS-232.
  • Current values, maximum, minimum, peak-to-peak values and GO/NO GO evaluation included as standard functions.
  • Two-channel I/O type of the same size, providing ADD/SUB calculation as a standard function, is also available.
  • A type that can memorize four sets of comparator values (upper limit/lower limit) for GO/NO GO evaluation is also available.





Measuring unit
  • Accuracy 6
  • Compact size ideal for designing into machines 12×33×114㎜ (D×W×L)
  • Excellent resistance to workshop conditions: IP 64 equivalent (DT512P)
  • Measuring range: 12㎜
Display unit
LT11 Series
  • Resolution: 1
  • Compact size: DIN (72㎜×72㎜)





Display unit
LT20 Series
  • A compact, lightweight display unit allowing easy panel mounting.
  • BCD and RS-232C I/ O models to choose from.
  • Compact and lightweight: DIN standard (72㎜×72㎜)
  • Comparator function
  • 3-level comparator
  • 4 sets of comparator values can be set
  • GO/NO GO evaluation by LED display and terminals output (open collector)
  • Reset/preset functions
  • Alarm function to notify response frequency exceeded or measuring unit disconnected.
  • Data storage: resolution, counting directions, comparator reference points, preset values, modes, BCD polarity (B type), communication parameter (C type)
  • 2-channel addition (2-channel models only)
  • Main applications
  • Sorting of rejected assemblies, data management





Multipoint measuring system
LT100/display unit
LZ60-P/gauge board
LZ60-B/C/expansion board
  • Compact design (easily panel mounted)
  • Connects up to 10 channels (with 5 gauge boards)
  • Easy-to-see LCD (2-channel display)
  • Gauge board LZ60-P (option) connectable to 2 channels
  • Displays current value, max./min. values, peak-to-peak value
  • GO/NO GO decision
  • Data storage
  • ADD/SUB calculation
  • Switchable counting direction
  • Reset/Preset/Recall
  • Expansion I/O board
  • LZ60-B/C (option)
  • LZ60-B





Display unit for measuring
  • Connects to Magnescale, Digiruler, and gauges
  • 2-axis display with RS-232C port (LY52)
  • 5 different replaceable I/O boards. Up to 3 boards can be installed at a time. (LY51)
    • BCD output
    • RS-232C I/O
    • A/B phase output
    • Comparator (relay output type)
    • Comparator (open collector output type)
  • Reset/Preset/Recall
  • Zero point detection
  • Data storage
  • Data latch
  • Linear error compensation
  • Main applications : Sequential control and computer analysis





Digital indicator
U series
  • New high-accuracy, easy-to-operate digital indicator provided in a large line-up
  • High accuracy : 2(U12B/U30B) 3(U60B)
  • Connectable to a PC through RS-232C interface
  • Comes in measuring ranges up to 60mm
  • Can measure max./min., p-to-p value all at one stroke due to useful memory function
  • Battery-operation using optional battery pack.
  • Work piece damage prevented by the damper mechanism in the spindle.
  • Main applications : Inspection measuring of work pieces and parts; data processing